Basics: 2 acre lot in Lake Piomingo Subdivision located right off County Road 931 (Auburn Road)

  • Road front or east 220 FT
  • Left side facing lot or south 195.3 FT
  • Right side facing lot or north 153.9 FT
  • Back facing lot or west 215.FT

Info: This lot in Lake Piomingo is actually a double lot (2 lots put together) and is ready for someone to start building. There is a foundation already poured and prepped for construction. The lot itself is surrounded by a gorgeous line of tall trees. The lake is just down the hill and easily accessible. It is a beautiful setting for someone to build the home of their dreams.

Contact Information for this Owner:
If you have questions about this lot or would like to setup a time to see it, please call Donny at (662) 231-9990

Directions: See below after photo gallery

Photo Gallery
611 County Road 931
Directions to 611 County Road 931
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PLEASE NOTE: The lot foundation is not curved as it appears in the picture. This is a result of the wide angle lens that was used to take the picture. The foundation is level.
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