TUPELO              1111 CHESTER AVENUE         3BR / 2BA / 2,018           $155,000

Joyner neighborhood in Tupelo is known for its charming homes, but this house takes it to a whole new level. From the quiet front porch with its swing, to its incredible kitchen, to a back deck area that will make your jaw drop - this home is as good as it gets.
For Sale by Owner Tupelo
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TUPELO       5558 LAKEFRONT DRIVE         3BR / 2BA / 2,050          $179,900
Beautiful lakefront home on a quiet cul-de-sac in Lakefield Subdivision. Spacious backyard great for families and all pets. Large master suite, decorative ceilings in every room, and much more!
SALTILLO     103 COTTON GIN LANE         4BR / 3.5BA / 3,689        $398,500
This home is as incredible in person as it looks in pictures! Situated at the entrance to Garden Park, one of the area's nicest neighborhoods, this great house grabs your attention the second you enter the neighborhood. Take the time to visit it soon!
TUPELO                844 CHESTER AVENUE      3BR / 2BA / 1,480           $139,000
This beautiful classic American home in historic Joyner neighborhood features a wide front porch, an incredible kitchen, and a great master suite. It also includes a new roof, a new AC unit, and comes with all appliances - refrigerator, washer and dryer included.
DUMAS (TIPPAH CO)       3621 HIGHWAY 370      3BR / 3BA / 1,800+          $  99,500
Situated on a truly beautiful 1.2 acre piece of property with plenty of open grass and shade trees. The house features a spacious open floor plan and almost all of it has been renovated. The inside is in great condition with a huge living room and large bedrooms.

SALTILLO          119 EMERSON DRIVE               3BR / 2BA / 1,868               $157,000
Conveniently located in one of Saltillo's most desirable neighborhoods, this home in Wesson Heights has been completely renovated. A spacious floor plan and large bedrooms provide plenty of room to stretch out. 
BOONEVILLE          11241 COUNTY ROAD 600      3BR / 1BA / 1,700         $ 85,000

Tons of charm, tons of character, and tons of country in this great home just a few feet across the Tippah Co./Prentiss Co. line. This home was built in 1951 but it is simply amazing how well built and well maintained it is with original hardwoods. Great house!
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AMORY     1316 HIGHLAND AVENUE        3BR / 2BA / 1,600               $  85,000

Be prepared because this home is going to surprise you with an interior that has been mostly redone. From the living room and dining room area to the master bedroom and bath, this home gives plenty of reasons to fall in love with it. 
TUPELO           4219 SUN VALLEY BLVD          2BR / 2BA / 1,466             $159,500

Located in Camelia Place, the 55 & over neighborhood in The Villages, this beautiful garden home features a spacious open floor plan with like new interior. The master bedroom is special as well. This house is definitely worth a visit!
TUPELO               912 LYNDEN BLVD                  3BR / 1.5 BA  / 1,050          $ 59,500

It's not very often that you find a house in "like new" condition with a price under $60,000 - but you just did. WIth an interior that has been completely redone - the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms and bathrooms - there isn't a better house anywhere for the price.
BELDEN            2099 SPRINGFIELD DRIVE       3BR / 2.5BA / 1,789          $198,000
If you think this house looks incredible on the outside, wait until you see the inside. The interior features several upgrades you won't find elsewhere, and each bedroom has its own covered porch area. Click here to see the photos - then make the trip to see it in person.
BELDEN       4112 LONGVIEW ROAD          4BR / 2.5BA / 4,068        $274,000

With nearly two and a half acres of gorgeous property, as well as a 2,000 sq foot workshop, this incredible home in the Pontotoc Co. portion of Belden has plenty to offer. And the inside of the house is every bit as impressive as the property outside. 
GUNTOWN              150 PAM AVENUE         4BR / 3BA / 2,542          $244,900

Be prepared to be impressed by this gorgeous home in Woodland Hills. This home was originally a "builder's home", meaning it has all the upgrades you might expect. The outside is beautiful and the inside even better. Don't miss this house!
PEPPERTOWN/        1589 RIVER ROAD          3BR / 1BA / 1,170               $  57,000 
This home's biggest strengths are pretty easy to see from moment you look at it. The first look from the outside and you see a large-beautiful piece of property. The first look inside and you see a large, beautiful living room. This home is a great deal at this price.
NEW ALBANY         404 GRANT STREET        3BR / 2.5BA / 1,555         $114,500
This home was built in 1987, but you would never know it from the interior. Everything has been redone and it all looks brand new. The highlight is a truly great kitchen and a spacious and stylish master bedroom. If you go inside this home, you will like it.
TUPELO/BELDEN      3554 LANSDOWNE DR       3BR / 2BA / 1,500          $  76,000
With an interior that is as good as it gets, and a backyard that is simply beautiful, there is plenty to like about this home in Belden. It is obvious that the owners have worked very hard to keep this home in great condition inside and out. Visit and see for yourself. 
TUPELO        1116 FOREST GLEN COVE     4BR / 2.5BA / 2,876         $239,000
This home in Willow Chase is beautiful on the outside, but it is the inside that will blow you away. With 14-foot ceilings throughout, everything about this home's interior is impressive. Great kitchen and incredible master suite. Visit it soon!

Homes for sale in Tupelo, MS

TUPELO     209 MAYNARD DRIVE          3BR / 1BA / 1,451               $  67,500

This home is centrally located in Tupelo and has been completely remodeled. It is in outstanding condition inside and out. The hardwood floors inside are original to the house. The kitchen appliances are included in purchase price of home. 
TUPELO     215 MAYNARD DRIVE          3BR / 1.5BA / 1,320             $  65,900

Located convenient to just about everything, this house has been completely redone, including a new roof and HVAC. The whole house is in great condition, especially the interior with all the renovations. New kitchen appliances are included in price as well.
TUPELO          1129 WOODLAWN ST          2 BR / 2 BA / 1,174             $  94,000
This beautiful and charming home in the Historic Joyner neighborhood has been recently renovated. The hardwood floors are original to the home and add incredible character. The roof is brand new. This is the kind of house that just feels like home. Visit it soon!
GUNTOWN        107 WHISPERING LANE     3BR / 2BA / 2,062            $159,900

Conveniently located in Shady Acres, a quiet neighborhood in the heart of Guntown, this beautiful home features large spacious rooms on an elevated, tree-lined lot. Well designed and well decorated, this home is ready to move in. See it soon!
TUPELO              2513 HAMPTON AVENUE      3BR / 2BA / 2,225              $129,900

A spacious floor plan and stylish interior make this home a definite must see. From its large kitchen to its living room, dining room, master suite and updated bathrooms - this house plenty to offer at a very reasonable price. Make plans to make a visit very soon.

TUPELO       2303 BRYAN DRIVE           3BR / 1.5BA / 1,165              $  78,750
This home has three incredibly good reasons to take a look. First, it's in great shape - completely redone inside and outside - new roof, new carpet, etc. Second, the owner is willing to give "flexible terms" to get into the house. Finally, it's just a very nice home.
BALDWYN            355 COUNTY ROAD 2890     3BR / 2BA / 1,600            $135,000
Located in the Pratt's Community of Baldwyn, this property features a beautiful home situated on 1.78 acres of gorgeous and peaceful land. The home has a spacious living room, stylish kitchen, and great master suite. See it soon - it's worth the drive!

SALTILLO               150 PARK RIDGE              3BR / 2BA / 1,412           $122,000

This home in Saltillo is conveniently located to everything from schools to shopping to dining. It features a wide open floor plan with a great master suite as well. Plenty of space at an extremely affordable price in a highly desirable location. See it soon!

SALTILLO          106 WOODCLIFF COVE           3 BR / 2 BA / 1,490           $149,000
This home in NorthRidge features a great floor plan and an attractive price. The interior has vaulted ceilings and has been recently repainted, giving it a "like new" feel inside. It won't last long at this price, so check it out here then go see it in person.
SALTILLO       131 BENTGRASS CIRCLE            3BR / 2BA / 2,401        $248,500

North Ridge Crossing is one of the area's most popular neighborhoods and homes like this one are the reason why. The exterior resembles a French countryside cottage. The interior is just beautiful with great living room, dining room, kitchen and master suite.             
TUPELO          1139 WOODLAWN ST          2 BR / 1 BA / 1,134             $  79,500
Historic Joyner neighborhood is home to some of Tupelo's most charming houses, including this one on Woodlawn St. The interior is beautifully decorated with a kitchen that has been completely redone. Roof is new too! This is a great home. See it soon!
SALTILLO           137 WESTBRIER ROAD          3+ BR / 2.5 BA / 2,100           $195,000
Located in Westbrier, this home has a convenient location, beautiful exterior, and incredibly spacious interior. Large kitchen and living room with 20-foot ceilings. Great covered patio and pergola in backyard. Very impressive house at a very good price.
PONTOTOC          5954 HIGHWAY 15 NORTH       3BR / 2BA / 1,588            $120,000
The home on this 1.2 acre property in Pontotoc is reason enough to make a visit - its interior has been redone and it feels brand new. When you add the saltwater pool and extra buildings on the property, this one becomes a must see especially at this price.
MOOREVILLE      1454 COUNTY LINE ROAD     4+BR / 2.5BA / 3,560       $299,000

This classic Southern home sits just behind a small lake on a gorgeous four acre property. Every room is spacious, particularly the kitchen and master suite. It also has a brand new roof. A beautiful home - inside and out - on a beautiful piece of land.        
GUNTOWN      104 JOYCE STREET           4+BR / 3.5 BA / 3,476          $329,900

Tucked away on a massive corner lot in Guntown's Woodland Hills, this spacious and stylish house will impress you from the moment you see it. The interior is just gorgeous with twenty-foot ceilings. The backyard is just as good - if not better. 

SALTILLO          106 PEYTON COVE          2 BR / 2 BA / 1,053             $  92,000
The interior of this home is in "like new" condition. The open floor plan and vaulted ceiling give it a very spacious feel. With a large living room and private master suite, this home has everything. There is also a large backyard with patio. See it in person very soon! 
TUPELO              901 SPRUCE STREET            3BR / 2BA / 1,621                 $118,900
Situated on a large corner lot and surrounded by a professionally landscaped yard, this home in Wildwood has plenty to offer outside and inside. The interior features a large living room with a cathedral ceiling and large bedrooms. View it here then go see it in person.

TUPELO          1213 MAXWELL STREET          4BR / 2BA / 2,264               $158,000
Historic Joyner neighborhood is one of the area's most popular neighborhoods because of its charm and character. This home has all the charm with the added value of a totally renovated home. Almost everything is new or like new. Homes like this are one of a kind.
SALTILLO       3568 BIG OAKS BLVD     3+BR / 2.5BA / 2,055             $219,900
This gorgeous home in Big Oaks is priced to sell and ready to show. It has a beautiful interior including a bonus room that can actually be counted as true fourth bedroom. The backyard is unbelievable with a huge covered porch and workshop. See it soon!
SALTILLO             129 IVYWOOD COVE           3BR / 2BA / 1,680               $149,500
Very few neighborhoods are as conveniently located as Ivywood Cove, and very few homes anywhere are a better deal than this one. A spacious open floor plan and a large master suite make this home a must see. A great home at a really great price.
TUPELO        2017 WINFIELD DRIVE               3BR / 2BA / 1,970          $149,900

This beautiful home in Winfield begins with an impressive living room. With a cathedral ceiling and wood-burning fireplace, the living room sets the tone in space and style for the rest of the home. A large master suite and massive deck in the backyard add to it.
SALTILLO          140 IVYWOOD COVE        3BR / 2BA / 1,794              $157,500
This cottage style home in Ivywood Cove feels just like new. The interior features a wide open floor plan with a large living room and spacious master suite. The backyard has an incredible covered porch perfect for enjoying the outdoors. A great home in a great location!
SHANNON        113 COUNTY ROAD 468     3BR / 2BA / 1,970              PRICE TBD

Situated on two gorgeous acres of property, this beautiful home in Shannon' Old Union community features lots of room on the outside and inside. A large bonus room upstairs could easily become a fourth bedroom. See this one for the land and house.
IUKA             8 COUNTY ROAD 320          2BR / 2BA / 1,280             $  65,000

Located just a few minutes walk from Pickwick Lake, this spacious 2BR-2BA home north of Iuka offers the very best in quiet, peaceful living. The inside features an open floor plan and the master bedroom has a jacuzzi tub. Priced to sell so see it soon!
SALTILLO            101 RIPARIAN COVE         3BR / 2.5 BA / 2,400               $175,000
Soaring ceilings, a large lot, and a spacious floor plan make this home in NorthRidge a great value. The home also sits right across the street from a large lake, providing a great view. Take the time to see it soon.  
SALTILLO         105 WEST SHORE                 3BR / 2.5 BA / 2,100           $182,000
This home in NorthRidge Crossing is located on a large corner lot with a gorgeous view of the neighborhood lake. As good as the outside is though, the inside is even better. With large, open rooms and high, vaulted ceilings, this home is impressive inside and out.
TUPELO           1503 GREENVIEW DRIVE        4BR / 3BA / 2,400             $165,000

With a convenient location in a desirable neighborhood, this beautiful home has plenty to offer inside and out. The interior features a spacious floor plan with an incredible kitchen and large living room. The backyard has an elevated deck and pergola beneath tall trees.
TUPELO      1117 PALMETTO ROAD          4BR / 3BA / 3,000+         $359,000
The property looks like a postcard from a countryside retreat with a spacious main house that is renovated and contemporary, a convenient second house, an on-site beauty shop, a large workshop and barn. 70 pecan trees dot the property as well.

TUPELO           4675 MEADOW RIDGE DRIVE          4BR / 3BA / 2,290         $224,900

Meadow Lake is one of west Tupelo's most desirable neighborhoods because of homes like this one. The exterior is nearly perfect in front and in back. The interior features spacious rooms, a great living room and extra large master suite. See it soon!
TUPELO               450 VALLEY VISTA                4BR / 2BA / 2,114          $195,000
This home in Meadow Lake, one of Tupelo's more popular neighborhoods, offers a spacious interior floor plan and lots of room outside as well. With a large kitchen, stylish master suite, and large bedrooms, this home is a great deal for its price. See it soon!
TUPELO     1214 MARSHALL STREET      3+BR / 1BA / 1,450           $129,900

This classic home in Joyner has been completely renovated and is ready for someone to move in today. The interior features beautiful, original hardwood floors and a truly incredible kitchen. Joyner homes like this one don't last long. See it soon!

SALTILLO            236 COUNTY ROAD 205         3BR / 2BA / 1,550           $139,900

This brand new home is beautiful on the outside and impressive on the inside. It is only 6 miles from the Toyota plant in Blue Springs and a little over 10 miles from the Mall at Barnes Crossing. The interior is as good as they come - this is a must see home.
GUNTOWN           199 COLT LANE              3BR / 2BA / 1,927            $159,900
This beautiful home is located in Guntown Hills and convenient to everything. The home is in "like new" condition and features a large, stylish living room and kitchen. Owner may be willing to help with financing as well. Great home in a great location.
TUPELO                211 SOUTH JOANN ST      3BR / 2BA / 1,758           $125,000
This house has been completely redone inside and offers a truly incredible open floor plan. The kitchen is as good as they get and the rest of the house is every bit as good. With a basement, two-car garage, and storage building there is room galore. 
BLUE SPRINGS    251 BIRMINGHAM RIDGE RD.    4BR / 2.5BA / 2,400        $195,000
Sitting atop a slow sloping hill, and with 9 more acres of beautiful land around it, this gorgeous two-story home offers a peaceful life in the country. The home has four large bedrooms, a great kitchen, and a great master suite. Make plans to see it soon!
TUPELO           1401 FRANCES SQUARE         4BR / 2BA / 1,760             $145,000

Historic Joyner neighborhood is filled with homes that have lasting value and character. This house has plenty of character, but it also has a spacious floor plan with two living rooms and a modern kitchen. Completely renovated inside, it feels like new as well.
TUPELO         2509 PEMBERTON AVENUE       3 BR / 1.5 BA / 1,200         $  105,000

This home in Yates Acres has been renovated inside and feels brand new. From the fresh carpet in every room to the new appliances in the large kitchen, the key selling point of this house is its near perfect condition. Make plans to see it in person soon!
TUPELO/MOOREVILLE   142 COUNTY ROAD 1029     3BR / 3.5BA / 3,082      $229,978

Situated atop a small hill and looking over 2.79 acres of gorgeous property, this traditional Southern home near Mooreville provides over 3,000 square feet of space. The home's strengths are in the living room, kitchen and master suite - and the landscape around it!
SALTILLO          508 WESSON PARK ROAD        3BR / 2BA / 1,898            $169,975

This beautiful, all-brick home in Ole South Plantation features a spacious open floor plan. The interior feels like new with gorgeous hardwood floors and a vaulted ceiling. From the large living room to the luxurious master suite, this is a great house at a great price. 
TUPELO           1003 HAMLIN AVENUE           3BR / 2BA / 1,492                 $122,000

Located in historic Joyner neighborhood, this beautiful home has plenty of curb appeal. From the landscaped lawn in front to the hardwood floors to the spacious interior, there is plenty to love about it. Virtually everything stays - refrigerator, washer, dryer and more. 

TUPELO           1202 SPRINGDALE DRIVE           4+BR / 3BA / 2,764           $215,000

Sitting atop a small hill at the end of a very private cul-de-sac in Joyner, this home's interior will surprise you at just how stylish and spacious it is. Two large living rooms with fireplaces, four large bedrooms, a home office and more. View it here, but see it in person as well.
TUPELO           2466 EDGEMONT CIRCLE           5BR / 3BA / 2,898           $221,900

Located in one of Tupelo's most convenient neighborhoods, and surrounded on every side by tall pine trees, this beautiful home features an incredibly spacious floor plan with a newly renovated interior. The backyard is just as amazing as the rest of the house. A must see.
TUPELO             1365 JOYNER AVENUE         3BR / 2BA / 1,458             $143,500

Not too many homes in Joyner come with a full 1-acre lot, but this one does. It also has a great floor plan, a large master suite, and a second bedroom that would fulfill any kid's dream. There's plenty of room inside and outside. Get out and see it for yourself
SALTILLO       117 BENTGRASS CIRCLE            4BR / 3.5BA / 2,318        $245,000
This gorgeous French Country home occupies one of the largest lots in all North Ridge. The interior is incredible, featuring a spacious floor plan with amazing details in every room. The backyard is special as well - a deep yard, partially shaded, and very private.             
MOOREVILLE        117 COUNTY ROAD 1573          3BR / 2 BA / 2,145           $179,000

Situated on a large lot on a quiet cul-de-sac in Mooreville, this house offers a spacious interior surrounded by a peaceful setting. It features on open floor plan with large bedrooms. The backyard is fenced in with a beautiful pool and deck. Make an appointment soon.
SALTILLO        1392 COUNTY ROAD 885     3+BR / 2.5BA / 2,685       $297,000

Tucked away on a wooded lot, this home was custom built in 2013 and is virtually brand new. It combines a spacious main house, a beautiful pool and porch area, and a third pool house that is every bit as stylish and strong as the main home. Every part is impressive.
TUPELO             179 WINFIELD DRIVE         3 BR / 2 BA / 2,350                $188,900

Situated on a spacious one acre lot with a gorgeous view of a small lake, this classic southern home in Carr Vista is a must see. Every room in this house is comfortably large, especially the kitchen and bedrooms. Beautiful house surrounded by beautiful property.
BALDWYN          810 MALLARD LAKE DRIVE     3BR / 2.5BA / 1,800           $196,500
This brand new construction home features a wide open floor plan with a picture perfect interior. Oversized ceramic tile floors fill a beautiful living room and kitchen. A private lake with fishing privileges is less than 60 seconds away. Great home in great neighborhood.
TUPELO               6217 LAUREN CIRCLE              3BR / 2BA / 2,062             $165,000
Located in the very back of Westwind subdivision with a beautiful view from the backyard, this gorgeous home is ready for a new owner to move in. With a vaulted ceiling and open floor plan, the interior feels incredibly spacious. Make an appointment and see it soon.
GUNTOWN 150 PAM AVENUE 4BR / 3BA / 2,542 $244,900

Be prepared to be impressed by this gorgeous home in Woodland Hills. This home was originally a "builder's home", meaning it has all the upgrades you might expect. The outside is beautiful and the inside even better. Don't miss this house!
TUPELO           602 CLAYTON AVENUE          5BR / 2.5BA / 3,089                $225,000

This historic five bedroom home in the heart of Tupelo's Clayton Avenue community is just breathtaking inside. Original woodwork and sparkling chandeliers adorn almost every room. Library, parlor, powder room and twelve foot ceilings - it's all here. Truly one of a kind. 
SALTILLO        156 UNION BELLE BLVD        4BR / 3.5BA / 3,000        $289,000

Located in one of Saltillo's most desirable neighborhoods, this gorgeous two-story house has tons of room inside and a huge in ground pool in the back. The interior has soaring ceilings and large rooms. Just five minutes from Barnes Crossing Mall and more.
FULTON             102 GRACIE ROAD              3BR / 2BA / 1,780            $159,900

Beautiful all-brick home with a total of 1.2 acres. The living room and kitchen are incredibly gorgeous. The master suite is large and comfortable. Wide open lot provides plenty of room for playing or for pets. Make an appointment to see it soon!
NETTLETON       282 MAIN STREET         3 BR / 2 BA / 2,100                $185,000

This is one house you will definitely want to see. First and foremost, it is just a beautiful home. But the front yard and back yard take it a step higher with perfect landscaping and an in ground pool. The interior is spacious and every room is large. See it soon!
SALTILLO        3772 BIG OAKS BLVD        4BR / 2.5BA / 3,700        $374,900

Sitting atop a small hill and looking out over a gorgeous golf course view, this home in Big Oaks offers absolutely everything. From a spacious and stylish interior to a crystal blue swimming pool, this house is a definite "must see".
SALTILLO       130 BENTGRASS CIRCLE            4BR / 3BA / 2,386        $259,900

This home is beautiful on the outside, but it is the interior that is going to blow you away. It features a true open floor plan with elevated ceilings, and premium upgrades at every turn. There is also a 450sqft screened porch in back for maximum privacy and comfort.          
TUPELO           1310 PINECREST DRIVE           3BR / 2BA / 2,750           $205,000
Located in one of Tupelo's most convenient neighborhoods, and surrounded on every side by tall pine trees, this beautiful home features an incredibly spacious floor plan with a newly renovated interior. The backyard is just as amazing as the rest of the house. A must see.